How to remove Carpet Coffee Stains

carpet coffee stains

Carpet coffee stains are among the most common types of stains and these stains require the immediate attention of the carpet owner. It is entirely normal for people in homes and commercial offices to spill coffee on carpets while doing their work but most people tend to ignore them.

However, the carpet coffee stains give a very unclean and unprofessional look to the carpet which is usually sour to the eyes on the observer. The coffee stains, which have been left alone for a long period of time are hard to clean as compared to those, which are tended to immediately.

Supplies needed to remove the Carpet Coffee Stains

Some of the supplies, which are needed in order to remove the coffee stains from carpet, are as follows:

  • Clean towels or white cloths: Clean clothes or towels are required in order to dry the carpet after applying the stain remover and cold water on the area of the carpet, which was affected.
  • Cold water: Cold water is needed to apply in the area of the carpet, which is affected by the coffee stains. Water along with stain remover will clean the carpet while towels will be used to dry.  
  • Carpet stain remover: It is some detergent or washing soap, which cleans the carpet.
  • Dish soap: It may be used in cases where the coffee stains are fresh and can be easily removed. The fresh coffee stains are easily removable by applying an optimum amount of soap.
  • Ammonia: In case the coffee stains are hard to remove or old, ammonia solution may be used in order to properly clean the stains.

Process for removing the Carpet Coffee Stains

Following steps can be followed in order to clean the carpet coffee stains:

  1. First of all, you need to determine whether the coffee stains are fresh or old. This is necessary in order to determine which cleaning agent is most suitable.
  2. Now, if the coffee stains are fresh, you may apply normal washing soap with cold water and if the coffee stains are old, you will need a strong detergent or stain remover.
  3. Now, take the carpet in open, which is suitable for performing the cleaning process. 
  4. Pinpoint the areas which need cleaning and first apply the cold water in order to wet those areas. Now apply the soap or detergent (as applicable) on these areas.
  5. Now, with the help of a scrubber, rub these areas, which are affected by the coffee stains.
  6. If the stains are fresh, the area will be cleaned immediately. Keep on rubbing until the stains are removed.
  7. If the stains are old, you will need more time to clean the area. Keep on scrubbing these areas with the help of a scrubber until the stains are removed.
  8. Make sure that the stains are thoroughly removed. Now, let some time pass and after that start the drying process.
  9. With the help of towels, remove as much water as you can.
  10. Let the carpet dry in open for a few hours before putting it inside.