How to perform the Stairs Carpet Cleaning process

performing the stairs carpet cleaning process

You may have to regularly perform the stairs carpet cleaning process if the stairs at your home or building are covered with carpet. Since stairs are among the most used parts of the home or building, they are also among the areas, which require regular cleaning. Similarly, people come from outside and walk on the stairs without removing shoes, which means that the carpet on stair can quickly get muddied or dirty. Therefore, the regular cleaning of the stairs carpet is required in order to keep it functioning and presenting a pleasing look.

There are different cleaning processes, which are used for cleaning carpets and they can be used for cleaning the stair carpets as well. However, more care and work will be required if you want to perform the cleaning process without moving the carpet. Some of the popular stairs carpet cleaning processes are described below for following at home.

Vacuum Cleaning the Carpets

 Vacuum cleaning remains the most effective, popular and easily applicable method of stairs carpet cleaning. With the help of vacuum cleaning, dust and impurity particles from the carpets can be removed. In order to vacuum clean the stair carpets, follow the steps given below:

  1. Remove your shows and start from the top stair. Vacuum clean the carpet, which is right in front of you while facing the top stair. In this way, the carpet will be cleaned and dust particles sticking to your shoes or feet will not soil the carpet.
  2. Thoroughly clean all areas of the carpets. It is advisable to move in stripes.
  3. Vacuum clean the corners of the stairs as they may be ignored in general application of the vacuum cleaner.

Dry Cleaning Process

Dry cleaning is another effective way of removing the dust and impurity particles from the stair carpets. In this type of stairs carpet cleaning process, you may have to use industrial grade equipment or a dry cleaner. The industrial grade equipment requires the use of a carpet cleaner solution, which is applied to the carpet. The carpet cleaner breaks the bond between the dust particles and the fibers of the carpet. The dust particles can then be removed with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Dry cleaning is one of the widely used methods today as it has high efficiency.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

While vacuum and dry cleaning are among the best methods of removing the impurity particles from carpets, hot water extraction technique is best for removing stains from the carpets. Stains are a big problem for stair carpets since people usually end up spilling something on stairs while going up or down. In order to clean these stains, make use of the hot water extraction method. Apply the hot water and the cleaning chemical on the stairs and blot with the help of a clean towel. Keep on performing this process until the stain is completely removed. Now, dry the carpet perfectly so that moisture content may be removed. This method is also effective in removing mold from carpets.