How to Do It Yourself Air Duct Cleaning Process

air duct cleaning in a home

Air Duct cleaning is essential today since the atmosphere around us is not pollution free, which has led to severe health issues both in domestic and commercial buildings. Studies have shown that with the rise in pollution levels, health issues have started to get complicated and the diseases which are caused by pollutant air are more prevalent. Asthma and tuberculosis are major health issues in different parts of the world and even people who spent of their time in homes are not spared from them. It is mainly due to the unclean and pollutant air ducts, along with the pollutant dust found in carpets.

Similarly, moist and water exposed air ducts allow a habitat to micro-organisms which cause severe health issues in residents. It is, therefore, necessary to regularly perform the air duct cleaning process through either professional help or Do-It-Yourself techniques.

Supplies and Equipment required in Air Duct Cleaning Process

Following is a list of few items, which will help, in smooth and effective cleaning of the Air Ducts:

  1. Vacuum Cleaner: This will be required in order to suck the impurity particles from the air ducts. It is recommended to use the vacuum cleaner with a long hose so that it can reach the depths of the duct.
  2. Furnace Filter: You will need to change the filter after schedule cleaning. A clean filter will ensure that air coming in the home is clean as well.
  3. Brush Kit: This will help in manually and thoroughly cleaning the duct.
  4. Screw Driver Kit: In case, it is required to remove some portion of the duct for cleaning.
  5. Paper Towel

Procedure for Air Duct Cleaning

Following steps can be followed in order to properly clean the air duct:

  1. First, remove the coverlid of the air duct and cover it in paper towels. Paper towels are not just for spills and stains, they are used in order to protect the coverlid from contamination.
  2. Now with the help of a vacuum cleaner or a brush, start cleaning the inner portion of the air duct. A large hose vacuum cleaner should be used in order to properly clean the deep portions of the duct. Similarly, large handle brush can be used in order to reach the deep portions of the duct.
  3. Clean the duct from both ends so that most portion can be covered in the air duct cleaning process.
  4. Cover the cleaned portion with paper towels so that it can remain clean when you are working on other portions of the air duct.