How to effective Perform Leather Cleaning Process

Leather cleaning on a couch

Leather cleaning is an important requirement of household consumers and industry since there is large-scale use of leather. The leather is a strong and durable material but it is also sophisticated under the circumstance. Similarly, leather can get dirty or stained over the course of time especially when it is used rough or exposed to environmental conditions. In households, leather is used as furniture covering is well where it also needs to be cleaned regularly. There are a number of leather cleaning processes used commercially and in households depending upon the cleaning requirements, like with stairs or air ducts, and the strength of the leather material and the type of stains.

The leather cleaning process can be performed at home as well as using the natural cleaning agent. If the process is performed carefully then all sorts of stains and dirt can be removed from leather material. Usually, the cleaning solution used at homes is that of Vinegar and Distilled Water. A 50-50 solution of the two components provides a strong cleaning solution, which can even remove hard stains from leather.

Supplies Needed for Leather Cleaning Process

There are a number of supplies required for the leather cleaning process, which are mostly found in households. Some of the supplies needed are as follows:

  1. Vinegar Solution: This will be required for the cleaning purposes.
  2. Essential Oil: An oil such as lemon juice with water can be used to hydrate the leather. These oils may bring the shine of the leather material.
  3. Beeswax: It may be used for conditioning the leather material. It has a very positive effect on the look of the material.
  4. Tissue or Towel: It may be required to remove certain stains from the leather material. Rubbing with tissue and towel will preserve the quality of the material. A clean dry towel may help in drying the leather material as well.

Cleaning Leather Process

Following steps are involved in cleaning the leather material:

  1. Wipe off removable dirt from the leather material before applying the cleaning solution.
  2. Once the dirt has been removed, determine the areas where the stains have appeared.
  3. Apply the cleaning solution on these parts of the material and gently rub it with tissue.
  4. Continue rubbing until the stains have been removed.
  5. You can apply any oil or leather-conditioning agent if the leather material is worn out.
  6. Rinse leather with clean water after the cleaning process has been performed.